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Once in a life time [Erwin x Reader] Chap. 1
You walked around the living room while your grandmother was looking at this really old picture that looks like it's going to tear in any seconds or minutes. Curious, you walked towards the couch, peaking on your grandmother's shoulders looking at the picture.
“Who's that?” You asked out of a sudden making your grandmother jumped a little. She still has that smile on her face, her wrinkles could be seen much more visibly than before. Her gaze retured back to the picture, her thumb circling around the girl who has [H/T] hair (you can't really see the colours since it faded away), standing next to her was someone that you were never familiared with.
“Oh just someone...someone in our family.” You grandmother said, you raised an eyebrow as you look at the picture again. The girl's face, eyes and features looks almost similar to yours, not almost but very. “She...looks like me.” You mumbled although your grandmother did catch what you said s
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JeanMarco [If only you would have know...] Chap.1
He couldn't get enough of him, he couldn't stop thinking about him, his eyes, his freckles and his hair. Oh it fits so perfectly on him like a picture or even a sculpture that was created so beautifully, Jean couldn't hold back the temptation to actually talk to him (which he did a few times). But did he had the courage? no. That's the problem that he had to faced, and worst thing yet, he was sitting next to him.  
Jean rested his chin on his palm, his eyes staring at Marco's, who was paying attention to what the teacher was saying 100% of the time and even writing down notes, well from where Jean was sitting, he could see Marco's handwriting, which was neat, neater than his. While Jean, he just, listened 5% of it and no notes were written. At all. It was just bunch of scribbles, doodles and more hate on Eren or at the side of the paper, 'Jean x Marco'. Marco suddenly felt a strange feeling that someone was looking at him, he faced Jean's direction.
:icontheshroomroom13:TheShroomRoom13 7 0
My Magical Cardboard Erwin x Reader~
'' MOMMMM I'M BACK!'' You yelled, locking the door behind you. You dragged your luggage bag and a tall figure made out of...cardboard?
'' What the hell is that?'' Your mom asked, holding a pot of chicken stew while looking at the cardboard weirdly.
'' IT'S MEIN HUSBAND!'' You exclaimed in happiness, turning the cardboard around to show your mom a blonde haired guy with a soldier-outfit-ish.
Your mom stared at you for awhile, shook her head and went back to her cooking.
'' no.''
'' WHY NOT? He's my husband!''
'' No.''
You were in your room, unpacking your used-clothes then throwing it into the laundry basket beside cardboard Erwin. 
You were successful in throwing almost all of your clothes by making them into a ball-ish shape, but you failed at throwing your last underwear.
It landed on erwin...
You laughed, clapping your hands like a seal. You stood up and walked over to erwin, tip-toeing to get your underwear whi
:icontheshroomroom13:TheShroomRoom13 25 8
Ice-Cream Madness ~Marco x Reader~ [Modern AU]
You held hands with Marco, leaning on his shoulders as the both of you strolled around the park. It’s been 3 years since both you and Marco dated. Everyone waited for the day to come, and that was 3 years ago. You felt happy, you felt like you were dreaming.
“Do you want Ice-cream?” Marco asked. You looked up at him, with a smile and nodded.
“Sure!” Marco grinned, hearing the sound of the ice-cream truck. He laughed like a little kid, and running to get ice-cream. You let out a chuckle. As you tried catching up with him, well, his little kid side is so adorable. You even want to squeal at how cute it is. Marco took out his wallet, passing the exact amount of money and gave it to the Ice-cream man. With a smile on his face, he turned to your direction, handing you the ice-cream.
“Mhm!” Marco exclaimed in delight. One cone, good enough.
“Are you sure this is enough?” You asked
:icontheshroomroom13:TheShroomRoom13 26 4
Erwin x Reader [Valentine's Day oneshot]
You were asked to go to Erwin's office, you don't know the reason why, even Levi doesn't know. Thoughts of what you've done went into your head, was it that time where you had a food fight? Did he somehow found out about it? Well, it happened a few weeks ago, Levi and Erwin had to attend a meeting. As for you cadets, you were having your lunch. Somehow, Jean threw his food at you, causing destruction. Everyone of the 104th squad had to clean up. Luckily, all of you clean up on time, before they even come back. Well, that could be the reason. 
You took in a deep breath, calming yourself down. It still didn't work. You knocked on the door, biting your bottom lip, worried about what's going to happen. 
"Come in," here goes nothing. You opened the door, slowly walking towards his desk, and closing the door. 
"Y-You requested me, sir?" You stammered. The blonde looked at you, then continued looking at the paper. 
"Sit down, I have something to ask you." Erwin said withou
:icontheshroomroom13:TheShroomRoom13 40 5


Mature content
Fun Times- Erwin X Reader :iconsexy-limes:Sexy-Limes 36 13
Opening the Door: Chapter Two
“Are you okay back there, _____? I apologize for not preparing a more suitable transportation for you.” The man named Erwin spoke over his shoulder as he handed you a small canteen of water.
“I-I'm okay. Thank you.” You weren't quite accustomed to horse back anymore since it had been well over ten years or so that you had last seen one. You remembered that your father would sometimes let you come along on his trips and how much you had enjoyed the long rides back then.
“That's good. Just relax for a while and let me know if you start to feel uncomfortable at all. Make sure to hold on tightly, okay?” You nodded and he turned forward again, snapping the reigns he held to increase the horse’s speed. The other men followed quickly behind, keeping pace and staying in relatively close distance from their trusted Commander.
Or at least, you assumed he was trusted. Why else would they be so accepting of someone like you riding with them? And without an
:icongriito:gRIITO 19 10
Big Brothers [Marco x reader x Big!Brother!Jean]
Leaning against the balustrade in front of the dinning hall, the orange sun illuminated the skin of the male soldiers that were hanging around there.
“Have you heard it yet? Some of our family members are going to visit us soon.”
Turning their heads to Jean who just spoke to them, they cocked an eyebrow at his strange remark. Turning his head away from the sun, he opened his amber-coloured eyes before the next words left his mouth.
“Don’t look at me like this! My sister told me that some of our family members are allowed to visit us during Valentine’s day. You know, because no time for romances and stuff like this. So we can at least spend time with our family.”
“You have a sister?”
“Of course I do! Or do you think I just imagined her?!” He answered Connie in a loud voice. Jean didn’t speak a lot about his family but hearing how some of the cadets tried to deny his beautiful little sister was too much and so he lost his
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